This blog post is on the movie Happy Gilmore and its structural elements.  The exposition of the of the movie we learn about him and his grandma.  Happy has always dreamed of being a hockey player, but he is not that good  he can just hit the puck hard. Happy’s grandmas house was taken in foreclosure.  He grew up in this house so he wants to keep it.  The crisis of the movie is happy has to find a way to get enough money to buy the house.  The rising action is when movers were moving out grandma’s stuff they challenged happy to hit a golf ball as far as he could.  He ended up winning forty dollars from the movers and thought that  might be a good way to earn money.  While at a driving range he meets an old golf pro named chubs. He wants happy to join the PGA tour and it would earn him a lot of money.  He gets on the tour and develops a rivalry between a man named Shooter McGavin. When Happy finally has enough money to buy the house back it gets auctioned off and Shooter is the one who buys it.  The climax is when they bet the house on who will win the next major.  Long story short Shooter pays a man to hit happy with a car and Happy is forced to play with a bum shoulder.  Luckily for him Shooter and him are tied and go into a playoff where a TV tower falls down in between Happys ball and the hole. He decides to hit it and the ball almost likes a obstacle course rolls along the tower like until it goes into the hole.  The falling action is Happy wins the major, gets the house and falls in love.  The resolution is they all live happily ever after.