Matt Robbins


Eng 103

Ms. McCord


            In our English 103 class we were able to write more about personal experiences and had the freedom to write what we wanted to.  This is the kind of writing that I enjoy doing because we can interoperate the story how we want and this makes writings more interesting and more enjoyable to read.  I also used a blog where we put assignments and anything else that we wanted to.  This opened us up to a new style of writing that most of the class had not done before.  All in all the writings and experiences for the class were unlike any English class I have taken before in high school.

One thing we focused on a lot was audience and how you can write papers for a certain group of people.  This gave me a new perspective of writing because I never think about the people I am writing for.  Most of the papers that I wrote had to do with a certain audience.  For our fairytale I did a gross out comedy version of Hansel & Gretel, then we did two essays that were all about stereotypes, and then we had to analyze a commercial and we had to tell who the commercials target audience is.  The genres of work we did are very interesting because they are not the type of things you will read about every day.  The Hansel & Gretel was probably the most obvious one of these because we had to turn a normal fairytale into something else.  When changing it to a gross out comedy I found the challenge of putting the old story in with my new version.  It challenged me as a writer to step out of my comfort zone and run with a story in a new way and make it our own.

One of the things I have never liked to do in writing is prewriting.  As a writer I have felt as though it has never helped me.  When I start writing a paper I just want to dive into it and get started.  To me getting started on a paper immediately helps with having creative ideas flowing through your paper and you are not worrying where you can plug all of your ideas into the paper.  To me pre-writing is a waste of time as long as you are creative and can have ideas running in your head while writing.  As a writer outside of the classroom I don’t want to do anything big and I can’t see myself writing an important story, but I can see myself  as a story teller.  Telling stories is in my mind the most powerful form of writing because it’s the one thing that most people can do and most will remember.  How many people can remember being with their family and hearing all of their stories from the past and you can remember them to this day?  That is why I believe story telling is so powerful.

While writing this semester I was able to write papers that were more to my interest and ideas.  I love to write things that are funny, weird and telling stories of my life.  In my papers I was able to take my ideas and write them down in a way that I am not usually able to in a regular English or writing class.  In the Hansel & Gretel paper I was able to take an old story and turn it into something completely different.  I made it funny and interesting and tried to make it something that you are not used to hearing.  I also got to write a paper about one of my favorite commercial which is the bud light swear jar.  In it an office swears to raise money for a party with bud light.  Writing about this was unlike anything I have done before which made it a lot of fun.  I love watching gross out comedies so when we given the option to make our story a gross out comedy I jumped on the idea.  Writing about something that is fun to you makes for more entertaining writing.  When I am excited about what I am writing then that will come through in my paper, so the person reading it will be more sucked in.

All in all this class was unlike any English class I have ever had.  I had many new experiences with writing some good and some bad.  I enjoyed the writings and I hope that I can have somewhat of the same format for another class later on in my school career because it was very interesting.